Our Information Security Services

1. Vulnerability Scanning

Automated checks for known vulnerabilites against a system or systems in a network.

2. Penetration Testing

Malicious exploiting of vulnerabilities to externally gain privileged access as a hacker would.

3. Security Risk Assessment

Ethical hacking exploits beginning externally but advancing into Social Engineering techniques to gain privileged access to the internal business.

4. Security Posture Assessment

A comprehensive on-site assessment of the systems, policies and business procedures after double-blind and single-blind penetration testing is complete. Includes Security Awareness Training for the entire enterprise at project completion.

5. Privacy Audit

An assessment of privacy processes using the 10 AICPA privacy framework components. Includes an evaluation of compliance with federal and state privacy laws.

6. SAS 70 Audit

Third Party Attestation for the purpose of verifying Information Security Policies and Procedures for clients and/or governing authorities. Includes the privileged security inspection of all applications and data within the business.

7. Incident Response

Emergency response to an information security crisis within the organization, such as information loss, network security breach, malicious employee activity, compromised information by a terminated employee or natural disaster.

8. PCI Audit

PCI compliance is required of all merchants and service providers that store, process, or transmit cardholder data. See Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.